snakes spotted on beaches in Dubai and sharjah
snakes spotted on beaches in Dubai and sharjah

Snakes spotted on beaches in Dubai and Sharjah

The UAE authorities have told residents not to panic if they spot marine snakes after several were sighted in Dubai and Sharjah.

The Emirate’s Environment and Protected Areas Authority (EPAA) said beach-goers should ‘exercise caution and remain calm if they find one.’

The snakes are more common on beaches in Dubai and the UAE at the moment due to ‘seasonal phenomenon’ and ‘weather changes.’

“Please keep in mind that marine snakes are peaceful and shy creatures that do not cause harm unless approached and threatened,” the authority posted on Instagram.

If you do spot a snake, residents and visitors are asked to immediately call the EPAA on +97165047777 or WhatsApp: +971562163939.

The snakes can be up to 1m long. They’re normally docile animals and rarely bite. But they can be dangerous so please keep your distance and call the EPAA if you do spot one.

Dubai Safari Park is now re-open

Dubai Safari Park, home to 3,000 animals from across the world has re-opened for its winter season.

The park is designed to house animals in a climate-controlled environment similar to their natural habitat. And they’ve got a huge range of wildlife across their 116-hectare park.

In total, Dubai Safari Park is home to 78 different animals species. Including 10 carnivores, 17 primates and 50 different types of reptiles. And they also have 111 different bird species plus amphibians and invertebrates.