Snap Inc makes a move to develop mobile TV shows

Partnered with NBCUniversal, Snap Inc is aiming to expand into the digital content market to come up with TV shows that will be available on Snapchat.

Snap Inc is releasing a crime genre series soon.

Titled ‘True Crime/Uncovered’, it’s broken down into a series based on murders and dissapearances which will altogether be part of a short documentary with a duration of four minutes. Every episode will cover one murder mystery and it will be narrated by actress Samantha Grace Mille

Netflix and Amazon will be their biggest competitors.

Since the last five years, web series and TV shows have been dominated by orginal shows created by the likes of entertainment companies Netflix and Amazon. As of now, Netflix has created 54 orginals, with ‘House of Cards’, ‘Luke Cage’, and ‘Stranger Things’ being some of their famous originals. Besides, even Facebook announced that it will enter into the digital content market and they’re serious about it with  investing $1 billion in this lucrative market.

Last year was a tough one for Snap Inc.

Since it debuted in the US Stock Market in March 2017, its shares went from an all-time-high of $29.44 down to $13.10 as well as had a decline a users. Not only that, it only got worse when Fashion mogul Kylie Jenner tweeted last month confessing she sees less people opening Snapchat in a tweet, which led to a loss of $1.3 billion in stock values.