Sniffer Dog Dubai Coronavirus
Sniffer Dog Dubai Coronavirus

Sniffer dogs to be used in Dubai to sniff out Coronavirus

Dubai Police are looking to use K9 sniffer dogs to smell out Coronavirus as another line of testing.

With testing key to unlocking the Coronavirus and getting life back to normal, Dubai Police are looking to use their K9 force to sniff out the virus.

The new training programme to train sniffer dogs to identify Coronavirus in Dubai is based on a lot of good science.

Sniffer dogs in the UK are can already smell out medical conditions including malaria, cancer, Parkinsons, epilepsy and diabetes.

Some research has even shown that dogs can detect malaria with a greater degree of accuracy than World Health Organisation standards. Scientists in London are already putting their medical dogs into training.

And they could be ready within six weeks to help provide a “rapid, non-invasive diagnosis” according to this BBC report.

Which is just amazing. So next time you see the Paw Patrol K9 sniffer dogs out, they could be

Vaccines are nearly ready

In other Coronavirus news, the world is busy getting vaccines ready. And China could be the first to deploy their vaccine later this month.

Elsewhere, however, it will take at least another year for a full-vaccine to come to market. Meaning that sniffer dogs and testing kits are likely to be the best way we can get back to normal. Remember normal? It was only a few months ago!