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Social media influencers have to comply to FNC’s new decision on endorsements

Listen up influencers! Unlawful brand endorsements can lead your social media handles and websites to shut down if the content doesn’t mention it’s sponsored.

Non-compliance can lead to 5,000 dhs fine

Influencers have to mention either their content is a ‘paid advertisement’ or a ‘personal post’ for the sake of transparency so their audience is aware when a product or service being used is sponsored. Disobeying to the decision can lead to social media accounts and websites being shut along with a fine of 5,000 dhs.

Influencers have to get a license by NMC

By the end of June, social media influencers or individuals using electronic media for commercial activities are required to have a license from the National Media Council. The license was made mandatory on February 28th as part of their electronic media regulation and influencers who don’t apply for the license will be fined 5,000 dhs as well as will have their social media accounts and website(s) shut.

FNC calls for transparency among influencers

Members of the Federal National Council(FNC) spoke about influencers doing a business by advertising a product or service to its thousands of followers. Not mentioning a post as being sponsored is against consumer protection and according to Khaleej Times, the members said: “This is a business, just like any other, and these social media influencers must be transparent, especially since many of them have hundreds of thousands of followers who trust their judgment.”