Man finds huge amount of money in his sofa
Man finds huge amount of money in his sofa

Sofa so good! Man finds huge amount of money in second-hand sofa!

US man finds $43,000 dollars hidden behind a second-hand sofa. And then decides to give the money back to its owner. Bravo that man!

It’s the dream, isn’t it. You pick up a bargain second-hand sofa and you then have a rummage down the back of the sofa, just in case you might find a bit of money? You’ve then got a cheap sofa plus enough money for shwarmas for you and the crew.

One American man struck a bit luckier than that recently as he found a whopping AED158,000 dirhams in his sofa! He was literally sitting on a fortune!

Legally entitled to keep the money

According to American news, Michigan man Howard Kirby found the stash of cash two weeks after he’d had the sofa. Inspecting an overly firm cushion, he unzipped it to find the game-changing money.

He was told that legally, it was his to keep. But being the nice man that he is, Kirby contacted the store to try and trace the original owner.

The money was then reunited with the owners, who had originally planned to burn it as they had no idea so much money was stashed in it!

So, the moral of this story is… always buy second hand and help recycle or upcycle where you can. And, follow the Dubailad way, and always return items to their owners!