Mo Vlogs Clickbait articles scam

Someone Is Creating Shady Clickbait Articles Using Images of Mo Vlogs

A scammer has been creating melodramatic clickbait headlines leading to malicious articles falsely endorsed by Dubai’s homegrown celebrity, Mo Vlogs.

Clickbait articles using images of Mo Vlogs

While surfing the internet, chances are, you’ve noticed those annoying scam articles at the bottom of webpages that would’ve, at one point, highly tempted you to check it out because of its wacky headlines.

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When it comes to Dubai, these scammers go over the top. Some headlines read, “Here’s How This Worker Is Earning Millions In Dubai,” “20 Things That Only Happen In Dubai,” and “Make Money In Dubai Using This Trick.”

To make it look more authentic, some articles have been using Mo Vlogs’ as the featured image. Check it out:

Mo Vlogs Clickbait articles scam

Mo Vlogs fed up with the scam too

The YouTube sensation released a video back in 2016 saying it’s “completely ridiculous” about the malicious article featuring his photo with the headline, “He makes $2,150/Day now! Find out how”. He says,

“When I saw it I was like how the hell are they using my picture? I’m not gonna lie, it’s a nice picture. But if you guys know how to make that much every day please comment below I would love to make that work.”

Mo Vlogs not the only famous figure from Dubai targeted by scams

Recently, we found out a Facebook scammer has been drawing thousands of people victim to bogus giveaways by creating a fake profile using Dubai’s Crown Prince, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum’s name.

Some of the giveaways are too good to be true, including cars and tons of money up for grabs, by downloading a movie through a link.

Mo Vlogs Clickbait articles scam
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