Photograph credit: Pixabay

Something big is coming to UAE all the way from Antarctica

Don’t be surprised if you find the weather in the country getting cooler by early 2020 because Abdullah Mohammad Sulaiman Al Shehi, an Emirati visionary is working on an unimaginable project that can make a big difference for the future of UAE.

Project is in the works to bring an iceberg to Fujairah

Al Shehi has been working on this project since a year wherein he proposed for a ship to tow multiple icebergs from the Heard Island in Antarctica for a 12,000 kilometres trip heading straight upwards to the eastern emirate of Fujairah. The ambitious project is likely to begin by early 2019 and it will take up to nine months to complete the tow. Once towed the iceberg will be broken into large pieces for water storage.

Cost for the project may go up to $120 million

For now, it’s unsure about how much this one of a kind project may cost but Al Shehi estimates it may cost between USD 50 to 120 million. The project is being funded by private corporations. If the project turns out successful, it will be of great savings for the country to have more supply of fresh water. An average iceberg is worth 20 billion gallons of water, able to provide enough water to one million people for five years.

Pilot runs may happen to South Africa or Australia

Before the 12,000 kilometres, long journey commences, Al Shehi’s company, Natural Adviser Bureau Limited is planning to have a test run by towing the icebergs to either Perth in Australia or to Cape Town in South Africa to study how warmer weather conditions will impact the melting of the iceberg. Fun fact, the Heard Island, where the icebergs will be towed from, is an external territory of Australia.

Bringing the iceberg could change the Empty Quarter too

Can you imagine the Empty Quarter desert transforming into a giant green environment? Three years ago, Al Shehi published the book; ‘Filling the Empty Quarter’ with solutions to global warming problems including the iceberg project. The birth of the iceberg project started from this proposed solution: “Proposal to mine water from south-pole icebergs which are already disintegrating due to global warming; the icebergs, once melted, will not only add to the rising sea level problem but billions of liters of much-needed fresh water will be lost to the sea.”