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Son Falls Victim To Setting Car On Fire

Setting cars on fire is strangely common in Saudi Arabia, but this son’s attempt to burn a car was a pure act of genius, falling victim to his own flaming action.

Yikes! The son caught himself on fire too

No foolin’ but this 20-odd years old looking kid moved around the multi-purpose vehicle on its left to set the fire and once the car burst in flames from the driver’s seat, he caught fire on his back, hips and his legs. The CCTV footage showed him then running away, getting rid of the fire from himself and entering his car. Talk about karma!

But that’s not all, there’s a back story to this incident

Here’s how it goes; the car this son set fire to belongs to his father’s ex-wife and apparently, according to, the ex-wife claims she had two cars before this and they both got burnt, believing her ex-husband did it. She filed cases in the past but none of them turned out successful due to lack of evidence. So, this time, she activated a CCTV camera so she could catch her ex-husband’s family.

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No escaping this time for the ex-husband

For now, the son has been hospitalized for the burns he suffered and Saudi police have reassured the ex-wife that this time, the ex-husband will be charged once his son recovers. “I had doubts that my husband and his family were after me because two cars were previously burned down near my house. One belonged to my father, the other to my uncle. This is why I had CCTV cameras installed outside the place,” the ex-wife told OKAZ newspaper.

Driving ban lift has been quite problematic

Barely one and a half months have passed since Saudi Arabia lifted the driving ban, allowing Saudi women to drive a car and there have numerous instances of Saudi woman’s vehicles catching fire. In fact, within one week, a woman who works as a cashier had her car lit in flames by protesters against the lifting of a driving ban, the duo behind the incident were jailed and Saudi Arabia’s Vice President of Municipal Court of Makkah Fahad Al Ruqi compensated her with a new vehicle.