Sony air conditioner portable heatwave

Sony Reveals Portable Air-Conditioner As A Solution To Heat Wave

Scorching summers can be tough, well Sony has a genius new invention to beat the heat. The tech giant is introducing a new portable air-conditioner concept that can help people literally “stay cool”.

Sony introducing new portable air-conditioner

Summers are getting hotter every year. The last five years have been the hottest in recorded history. While those of us are sweltering in Dubai at temperatures peaking at 50°, some people in the UK are struggling in temperatures touching mid-30s.

With climate change looking like it’s clearly a thing, Sony unveiled a fresh new concept of a portable air-conditioner, Reon Pocket, that one can wear on a special undershirt with a pocket in the base of the neck. Check it out:

It can decrease a person’s body surface by 13°

Sony claims the Reon Pocket can reduce a person’s body surface temperature by 13°. It can also increase one’s body surface temperature by 8°. The temperature can be controlled through their smartphone app.

Sony air conditioner portable heatwave

Photograph credit: Sony

It could cost between Dhs 420-640

As of now, Sony launched a crowdfunding campaign on platform First Flight, to raise money for the production of Reon Pocket. It’s estimated that the air conditioner could cost between 2,760 (Dhs 420) to 19,030 (Dhs 642) yen.

They’ve raised over 66 million (AED 2.2b) Yen to get into production. However, its first batch will only be available in its home country, Japan.