Sony's new wearable air conditioning device could be our summer saviour
Sony's new wearable air conditioning device could be our summer saviour

Sony’s new wearable air conditioner could be Dubai’s summer saviour

Sony has just released the Reon Pocket, a new wearable air conditioner that can cool you down by 23 degrees Fahrenheit.

The cutting-edge device weighs only 80 grams and fits into a neat pouch at the back of your neck. You can then set it via your phone to cool you down or warm you up (ha!). And it’ll even go into boost mode when you’re out and about.

The cunning cooler uses the clever Peltier effect to cool down, a technique previously used in laptops and water coolers.

And while it’s only on sale in Japan right now, we can see this being a huge hit in Dubai when it goes on global sale.

Huge electricity savings

Air conditioning is huge business in Dubai and in summer, our AC is responsible for up to 70% of the electricity we use. And wearing a personal thermostat could help cut down those costs in the office and at home.

So it’s no understatement to say that this wearable air conditioner could be a huge, huge game-changer.

And our dependence on AC is only set to grow, with the International Energy Agency predicting that by 2050, energy for AC will account for 13% of global energy.

The compact device has a battery that will run for two hours following two hours of charging.

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