Photograph credit: ExpatWoman and Viraj Asher/DubaiLAD

Speed Limit Buffer In Abu Dhabi Is Now Gone!

Speed freaks and commuters, take note. If you’re headed to Abu Dhabi, you should be aware that from today, there is no longer a 20km buffer on the posted speed limits.

Up to Dhs 1,000 AED fine for speeding

Abu Dhabi police have given drivers fair warning, with announcements being made last month about the impending removal of the speed limit buffer.

The old rules meant that motorists driving in a 120km zone could legally exceed the speed limit up to 140km, but now, driving at 121km in the same zone could now land you with a fine.

If you’re caught going up to 30km over the limit, you could end up with a Dh600 fine, if over 40km the fine increases to Dh700 and if you’re going at more than 50km over the speed limit, your pockets could be Dh1,000 lighter.

Hopes are that the stricter limits will help to reduce the number of accidents, with speeding reported to be the cause of 230 out of 525 road-related deaths in the UAE last year.