Photograph location: Marvel

*Spoiler Alert* Deadpool 2 has more A-list celebrity cameos than you think

Cameos have been the highlight of Marvel Studios’ Deadpool 2 and it has got a great deal of A-list Hollywood stars making an appearance that has got everyone talking.

Brad Pitt played ‘Vanisher’

Recruited by Deadpool and his buddy Weasel for the ‘X Force’, movie goers were taken for a surprise during the skydiving season when Brad Pitt, playing the ‘Vanisher’ was shown for a flash a second once he was electrocuted. Fun fact, the ‘Fight Club’ star was requested to play the role of ‘Cable’, which he didn’t respond to because of his busy shooting schedule, according to entertainment website Vulture. However, after being requested again, he agreed to do a cameo.

Matt Damon appeared playing a robot

Perhaps the cameo most Deadpool fans missed because of the among of making it difficult to recognize, Matt Damon made a cameo playing a terminator coming from Cable’s future universe. Fun fact, he also played an amusing cameo in Marve’ Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok’ last year.

Alan Tudyk starred as a ‘Redenck’

Recall the scene when Cable arrives from the future to a countryside area with a truck and two rednecks casually talking? One of them was the ‘Rogue One’ star Alan Tudyk. However, the actor didn’t’ have any dialogues because Cable was bound to leave them alone taking his car.

Hugh Jackman makes a comeback as Logan

Surprisingly, the post-credit scene showed Hugh Jackman from the 2009 film ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’. One half of the shot was of the Logan star while the second half was an amusing action by Deadpool attempting to kill him. Finally, X-Men fans would be satisfied seeing Logan(somewhat) sharing the screen with Deadpool.