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Stalking lands a woman to prison after messaging 65,000 times

Simple love suggestion on an online dating site led to a man receiving more than 65,000 messages repeatedly by a woman who’s now arrested for excessive stalking.

They met through Luxy

Suggestions for the duo initiated through Luxy, a dating app for ‘verified millionaires’, according to its website. The suggestion led them going on a date and the woman, identified as Jacqueline Claire Ades, 31 years old, who then went on to bombard him with messages and stalk his profile. Some of her messages posed threats and had unusual messages.

500 messages used to be sent every day

Ades described the man as his “soulmate” and sent him bizarre messages like calling herself ‘Hitler’ and threatening to kill him. In a quote by her on Daily Mail, she said. If (victim) wants me to go to jail, I should go to jail.’ The name of the victim hasn’t been disclosed but he reached out to the police twice before they caught her.

Ades was caught at his home

Caught through surveillance cameras, the man instantly called the cops who then arrived at his property and found her bathing in his tub. They also discovered she had a butcher knife in her car. What’s more, she falsely called the victim as ‘his wife’ last week, leading her getting arrested in Phoenix. She then went on to describe her actions as ‘crazy’.

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