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Stay Cool This Summer With Our Top 5 Indoor Activities in Dubai

Summer season is in full swing, and it raises the age-old question, where do you go to beat the heat? We’ve rounded up our top picks of indoor activities to check out in Dubai as the city swelters.

Jumble: Explore a giant indoor maze

Location: Al Barsha

Price: From Dhs 175

About: Our top pick. Jumble is like a mega hybrid of the Crystal Maze, it boasts the ultimate indoor challenge experience, with a line-up of mentally and physically tough obstacles. Expect to be immersed in a multi-sensory experience. We recommend going there with a minimum group of three to six.

Ski Dubai: Zipline in sub-zero temperatures

Location: Mall of the Emirates

Price: From Dhs 150

About: Ski Dubai’s Snow Bullet zip line propels guests through 150 metres of pure adrenaline, 16 metres off the snow-covered ground. There’s a whole host of attractions to check out at the ice-cold tourist attraction, like the snow park, ski slope and the Avalance café too.

The Smash Room: Seek & Destroy

Location: Al Quoz 4

Price: From Dhs 75

About: Unleash your inner rage by breaking stuff at The Smash Room. They let guests unbind their anger by destroying old electronics, glass items, and furniture. If you’re known as the tough guy or person with anger issues in your group, this one’s for you.

Chillout Ice Lounge: Sip a cup of hot chocolate at -6° C

Location: Times Square Centre

Price: From Dhs 80

About: Keeping things fun and frosty, the Chillout Ice Lounge serves select beverages, a continental menu and desserts at sub-zero temperatures. Their interiors are decorated with a whole host of illuminated walls, sculptures, chandeliers and portraits carved from solid ice. Don’t worry about dressing like an Eskimo, because they offer complimentary thermal coats, gloves and shoes.

Dubai 5 indoor activities Smash Room iFly Jumble Ski Dubai No Way Out Dubai

iFly: Defy gravity

Location: City Centre Mirdif

Price: From Dhs 175

About: It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s you! the indoor skydiving simulators gigantic fans lets guests fly three metres off the ground at their double vertical wind tunnel. It’s similar to a cross between skydiving and bungee jumping. Let us tell you, this isn’t one for the faint-hearted.