Stay at home
Stay at home

Stay safe, stay home and stay healthy: a message from Dubailad

We never thought we’d be writing this feature at the start of the year. Dubai was bustling, the Expo 2020 hype was building and the good times were very much here.

But so much has changed in a few weeks, even in a few days. The UAE has announced its first Coronavirus deaths and the global infection rate continues to rise.

And everyone is at risk. Whether you know it or not, you could be carrying the virus before you develop symptoms while kids could be asymptomatic and never get any symptoms.

And it can spread so quickly. It might only give you a cough and fever, but in others that can turn into a life-threatening illness.

So, we’re doing our bit to to help us get through this as quickly and healthily as possible by urging you to stay at home.

Stay at home pleas

Think before you go out. Do you really need to go out? Can you get by without? And what can you do to help your family, friends and neighbours who might be in a more vulnerable position?

Stop moving, stop the Coronavirus

The easiest thing you can do is not go out. Think of it like this:

The Coronavirus doesn’t move, people move it.

We stop moving, the Coronavirus stops moving, the Coronavirus dies.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be bringing you new content to help you stay home. Until then, chuckle at the laugh-out-loud memes on our Facebook page, start streaming these essential shut-down films or even order this Smash Room box. Just remember to stay at home.

Imagine if we told you at the start of the year that all you had to do was stay home and watch TV to save the world. You’d have laughed, right? Well that’s it, that’s the advice from the world’s experts. Stay at home, watch TV and help save the world.

The quicker we all listen and help each other, the sooner we can return to normal and get back to what Dubai does best.

Take care and stay safe, healthy and stay home!

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