Diamond toilet Dubai
Diamond toilet Dubai

Stools Gold! Record-breaking, diamond-encrusted toilet comes to Dubai

Yes, you did read that correctly. The record-breaking AED4.7 million diamond toilet is currently being shown in Dubai at the Amazing Museum and Art Gallery.

The diamond-encrusted toilet contains 40,815 diamonds worth $1.28 million. And has a certificate from the Guinness World Records for the ‘the most number of diamonds set on a toilet bowl”. Because of course.

The toilet was made by Coronet Jewellery and features 334 carats of diamonds.

“This diamond toilet is one of my favourite Guinness World Record products,” says Aaron Shum, president of Coronet Jewellery and The Amazing Museum & Art Gallery Dubai.

“The idea of the diamond toilet that comes from the lyrics of Andy Lau’s Chinese song Toilet where he sings, ‘Toilet is your friend’,” Shum said. “This is also the brand philosophy of Coronet. We treat every customer as our friend and provide sincere service to satisfy our customers.”

And to answer your next question: no. The toilet has never been used.

Feeling flush?

Coronet have previous when it comes to record-breaking and slightly potty creations. In fact, it’s fair to say Coronet is on a bit of a roll at the moment, with 10 records to their name. These include the world’s most valuable guitar and the most diamonds on a mobile phone case. Buyers beware, however. This toilet is not for sale.

“The diamond toilet is not for sale because it is a meaningful artwork for me,” says Shum. “However, if there is a demand for a diamond toilet, I might consider customising one for a customer.”

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