Stormzy owns the RedFestDXB stage!

The stage lights dim and everything is bathed in a bright red glow as Stormzy takes centre stage at RedFestDXB

The charismatic UK star stands there; eyes intense, back straight, standing tall, very tall and says…“There is going to be a lot of energy tonight!”.

And how right he is about that! 

Fireworks erupt, sweat cascades down his face and from the very first bar, the crowd goes crazy… singing, crying and dancing to every word that comes out of his mouth. 

The superstar rapper smashes his way through ‘Own It’, ‘Vossi Bop’ and ‘Wiley Flow’, each hit delivered with so much energy we can feel it in the crowd.

Stormzy world tour

This is the very first stop on his tour that will take him across Europe, US, Asia and Africa. And it’s when the world will finally get to see the magic of his new album, Heavy Is The Head.

For someone who stands at an intimidating six and a half feet, behind that fiery persona is a man who has the courage to be real. To show his fans who he truly is and that is the power behind his new album. 

As the title suggests, Heavy Is The Head is dominated by themes of uncertainty, defiance, frailty, suspicion, isolation and responsibility that all come with fame. This album’s experimentation with pop, soul and gospel leaves you stunned!

While his previous Dubai show was fast and furious, there’s a real gravity to his performance.

His headline show at RedFestDXB was a real eye-opener.

Loved by young audiences for his attitude and fierce rhyming style and respected by the generation that grew up listening to 90s hip-hop for his witty lyrics and poignant delivery. In other words, Stormzy was the perfect headliner for RedFestDXB.

Bastille impress

It wasn’t just Stormzy who rocked the main stage at RedFestDXB. Earlier in the day, British band Bastille came and did their thing. And it was ace, as this video shows!

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Review by Sara G