An Indian man stranded in the UAE for 16 years has finally made it home
An Indian man stranded in the UAE for 16 years has finally made it home

Stranded Indian man without a passport finally makes it home after 16 years in the UAE

We do love a happy ending, and that’s exactly what happened to an Indian man after he was stranded in the UAE for 16 years without a passport.

Neela Yellaiah arrived in the UAE in 2004 but has been without official documentation for years. Which meant he was stranded in the UAE and unable to return home especially during this year’s global pandemic.

But after some amazing work by authorities in the UAE and India, Neela was able to return to his family in the Indian state of Telangana last week.

‘Special case’

Rupert Mehta was the first to discover Neela’s problems earlier this year and worked tirelessly to bring him home. Neela had been working in an industrial area in Sharjah when he was found.

“He (Yellaiah) had no records from any of the authorities here, be it the police or immigration,” said Rupert. “Without a travel document, sending him back had become an issue. He was surely a special case.”

Neither the UAE or Indian authorities had any documentation. So they had to wade through thousands of pages in the passport database to find Neela’s details. They then gave him an Emergency Travel Document and waived the fines he’d wracked up amounting to hundreds of thousands of dirhams.

But finally, Neela was able to go home and meet his grown-up daughter and a grandchild he’d never seen before.

See, we told you it was a happy ending! Well done Neela, Rupert and all involved from the DubaiLAD team.