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Illegal Street Racer Gets Into Trouble For Using This Car Trick

Driving undeniably takes a toll especially after completing long distances but this youngster’s plan to drive without controlling the accelerator with his legs is something you wouldn’t have imagined of.

Speed was being controlled by a stick

Believe it or not, according to Gulf News, a young Emirati identified in his 20s, who was paralysed due to a car accident in the past, now has a tuned SUV with a top speed of 400 km/h which he controls with a stick to accelerate. He used the vehicle for illegal street racing at Al Qudra and things soon got worse when Dubai Police was alerted.

Gif credit: iMore

Dubai Police has impounded the vehicle for a month

Reckless driving and drag racing are strongly condemned and it didn’t take long for the cops to arrive at the scene and catch the paralysed driver, who was taken to the Al Barsha Police Station branch for questioning along with rest of the drivers present there. As a result, his SUV has been seized for a month.

Reckless driving can lead to hefty fines

Cars with mods can lead to fines worth Dhs 1,000, 12 black points and a month-long impoundment. The car culture in the Arab World has been such that it has led to strict rules and hefty fines. Recently, a 19-year-old Arab fell victim to reckless driving in Al Ain during an illegal drag race, when an SUV rammed to a footpath after losing control to drifting and led to multiple roll-overs.