Drunk Uber trip
Drunk Uber trip

Student left with AED6,000 Uber bill after a big night out!

It’s the end of the night, you’ve got your takeaway, you’re a bit tipsy and you’ve ordered an Uber. Bingo. You’ll be back home in minutes, feet up, hungrily eating your takeaway. The ideal way to end your night out.

Well, not quite for one Uber user in the UK. After a night out in Newcastle, James woke up the next morning in Norwich, some 250 miles away. And that Uber trip costing him AED6,000. Ouch!

Instead of putting in his NE1 postcode, he added NR3, sat back and fell asleep. The Uber driver carried on driving through the night before arriving in Norwich, where driver and passenger were as confused as each other.

He told UK student website The Tab: “When I woke up, I literally thought it was a dream – surely I hadn’t done this.”

The driver “let him off” as it was clear that it was just a mistake. In return, he said that he left the driver a five-star rating on the app.

The Uber journey should have taken 10 minutes and instead took nearly five hours. And the engineering student didn’t have much luck on the way back either.

He jumped on the first train back to Newcastle but was fined on the way back for not having a train ticket.

It’s a shame James didn’t jump in the taxi below, there’s no way he would have slept through the taxi driver’s chat!

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