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Low phone storage solution turns out embarrassing for this student

Storing all your photos, music, games and data on your phone gets troublesome especially when notifications pop up saying there’s less memory space, but this student’s solution to low storage was a next-level genius.

She sent her selfies to what she assumed was her WhatsApp number

Perhaps a smart idea to save memory space, student Umulkhayr Hussein, who’s pursuing a Masters’ in International Relations and Development, used to send her selfies to her own WhatsApp number and this was going on since December, last year.

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Little did she know her photos were being received by a stranger

Umulkhayr was stunned when she received a reply to what she assumed was her own number. After sending a selfie at 8:12 pm, she received a reply saying ‘Who is this’, to which she replied ‘It’s me’, ‘Who are you’ and ‘I’m so confused I thought this was my number.’ Check out their conversation she posted a screenshot of:

Her reply ‘It’s me’ left social media users amused

Does ‘It’s me’ ring any bells about Adele? Umulkhayr’s response got Twitter users crack into laughter, sending replies for that one single phrase. Some of the replies were humorous too, replying “I would’ve just thrown the whole phone away mate” whilst another reply was “Yep for a second I would have def throwed up”.