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Student, Studying Whilst Driving Crashes Into Building

Something we all can admit to is about how cramming for an exam can be stressful, but this woman’s case of crashing into a building in Dubai while studying is beyond imaginable!

Car crash while studying

UAE’s pre-hospital services, National Ambulance revealed the case of a female student crashing into a public institution while she was studying and driving at the same time. According to Khaleej Times, the woman, whose identity remains unidentified, was entirely focused on studying to the extent to which she failed to notice the roads.

No casualties reported

It was reported the female student crashed into a government authority building. However, since the crash took place on a weekend, the building was unoccupied and hence, there were no casualties reported.

Warning issued by National Ambulance UAE after the accident

The UAE’s National Ambulance and Ministry of Interior issued an advisory for motorists to not get distracted while driving. Some of the frequent distractions highlighted were mobile phones, food and beverages, cosmetics and being accompanied by a noisy passenger.