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Superheroes with an Arabian twist at Comic Con

Independent T shirt manufacturer and designer Lewis De Mesa’s collection of comic characters blended with Arab attributes is one of the most creative artworks at this year’s Comic Con.


‘Sheikh Vader’ and ‘Sheikh Yoda’ are taking over.

Mesa’s artworks spans over lead characters from the Star Wars universe. Out of which, only Darth Vader and Master Yoda have the title of a ‘Sheikh’ because ‘they stand so important in the Star Wars universe.’ He continued by talking about T shirts based on Master Yoda selling more than Darth Vader. He explained ‘In UAE, they buy more of Yoda T shirts than Darth Vader maybe because he’s so powerful. People always come seeing for Vader T shirts but when they’re shown Master Yoda, they opt for buying a Yoda T shirt instead.

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Deadpool is his only creation besides Star Wars.

Tweaking names and ‘playing around with characters’ names brings out the best of Mesa’s humor, especially ‘Deadbool.’ He said ‘For Deadpool, people here don’t pronounce the letter ‘p’ so I made it as ‘Deadbool. I was only doing Star Wars but when I saw Deadpool, I wanted to make one on him because he’s so funny and he makes fun of himself.’

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Thanos is the next creation.

Set to appear in the upcoming film, ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, Mesa is working on an artwork on but coming with an Arab name poses a challenge. He said ‘Currently, I’m working on Thanos. I want someone from here to help me and I didn’t come up with a name yet because he’s the ultimate.’


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