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Suspected Drone Incident Forces Flights To Divert from Sharjah Airport

Looks like a drone owner may be in a bit of trouble! Six Air Arabia flights heading to Sharjah on Thursday morning were diverted due to suspected drone activity in the area. The diversions took place between 7am and 9am but the flights departed for Sharjah shortly after they arrived in Ras Al Khaimah. Operations were however back to normal in Sharjah a short time later.

Drone Activity Causes Closure

One of the passengers aboard one of the flights took to social media saying the Pilot announced that drone activity was reason for the closure of Sharjah airport airspace.

Air Arabia Confirms the incident

A spokesperson from Air Arabia said in a statement: 

Due to suspected drone activity, a few Air Arabia flights were diverted from Sharjah International Airport this morning to Ras Al Khaimah International Airport. The operations were resorted to normal shortly afterwards.

Air Arabia Spokesperson

Drone Owners Beware!

It’s not the first time that drone activity has caused a bit of disruption at the airport. Earlier this year Emirates flights had to take a diversion because of drones representing a safety hazard and last year, London Gatwick Airport in the UK had a monumental lock down after the flying objects were reported close to the runway.

Photo for illustrative purposes only

In the UAE, anyone found operating a drone without a licence or any restricted airspace may be given a whopping Dh20,000 fine.  Drones may also not be flown within 5 kilometres of an airport. If you’re unsure about where you can legally fly a drone you can download a No Fly Zone Map from the Android and iTunes app stores, so drone offenders really have no excuse for getting into restricted territories. We don’t want to drone on about it, but stick to the rules or face the consequences!