Tailgating Abu Dhabi
Tailgating Abu Dhabi

Tailgating in Abu Dhabi update – the car in front will also be fined!

The new Abu Dhabi regulations on tailgating came into force on January 15 and have already caught several offenders.

We covered the Abu Dhabi tailgating news when it first broke. And we were over the moon that the problem was going to be addressed as tailgating is incredibly dangerous.

But, Abu Dhabi police have now clarified and confirmed that both the car in front and the car behind will be fined if they’re both in the fast-lane.

Both cars caught tailgating will be fined

The car in front will be fined AED400 for not pulling over into the right-hand lane to let the speeding car pass.

Plus, the car behind will also be fined for tailgating and given four black points.

Brigadier Salem Al Dhaheri, deputy director of the traffic and patrols department, reminded motorists that the left lane is designated for motorists who would want to drive faster than others on the road.

We hope that the new smart cameras take in mitigating factors. Like the speed of the car behind and how quickly and safely we can pull over to let speed-crazed cars go ahead. But, we somehow doubt it.

Our advice? Give up on driving and wait for flying cars to take off in the region.