Smashbox home delivery
Smashbox home delivery

Take out your anger in your own living room with the Smash Room delivery box!

The world is a pretty frustrating place right now, but the good people at Smash Room are here to help with their new delivery service.

Their concept is simple. Instead of taking out your anger and frustration by punching a wall (or something else equally silly), you can take it out on their carefully selected items.

So, while you can’t venture out to Smashroom due to the Coronavirus measures in place, they can bring the action to you.

Every safely delivered box includes instructions, safety equipment, a smashing hammer and a box that’s just daring you to take a swing at it.

And taking a look at that video above, that looks like the perfect thing to take out our Coronavirus frustrations. While also making sure we all keep a safe distance from each other and get this pandemic dealt with as quickly and effectively as possible.

So, temporarily, step away from the TV (where you should be watching these films) and take any anger and frustration out with the Smash Room delivery box.