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Texas man faces 50 years prison for stealing $1.2 million worth of Fajitas

Former Texas Juvenile Center employee, identified as Gilberto Escamilla, 53 years old, has been termed to 50 years of prison for stealing fajitas worth $1,251,578.

Theft suspicion started last July

While Escamilla was working at the Darrel B. Hester Juvenile Center till August, 2017, a suspicious delivery took place in July wherein the center, situated 10 miles above the US-Mexico border, according to El Paso Times, received 800 pounds of fajita although its inmates weren’t served such food. The investigation discovered that Escamilla was behind the delivery.

Stolen fajitas were used for re-selling

During the years of theft, what started as a small illegal business blew up and reached an extent to which Escamilla “couldn’t control it anymore”, according to a quote by him to Brownsville Herald. The illegal profit making venture has now come to an end.

Escamilla will serve prison for 50 years

Such a theft has never been handled by the county before, due to which Cameron County Assistant District Attorney Peter Gilman has ordered Escamilla to be imprisoned for 50 years, sending out a message that such thefts involving high amounts of money can lead to a long prison sentence.

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