Best apps Dubai
Best apps Dubai

The 14 apps you need to get through Self-Isolation in Dubai

Banish the Coronavirus blues with these amazing apps that will help make life at home that bit easier in Dubai. From online shopping to streaming parties, kids entertainment and more, let these apps make your life that bit easier until life returns to normal. Remember normal? It was only just over a month ago, but it already seems like a lifetime ago!


With the city virtually off-limits for the next week at least, it’s all about the deliveries. And Instashop definitely delivers. They have outlets in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah. And they’ll deliver everything from food, medicine, water and even pet food.


Fill your car up without leaving the house thanks to Cafu. Since launching in 2018, they’ve delivered more than one million top-ups across the Emirate. And, if you’re an average user over a year, the app will also save you around 18.5 hours a year in time spent at the petrol station. Which is just amazing. Oh, and they also supplied Dubai ambulances with free fuel for two weeks. Legends!


Get social with Zoom, an online video chat app. It’s often been used for business meetings and conferences. But since the Coronavirus, it’s being put to good use for virtual pub quizzes, joint film screening sessions and you know, just seeing another actual human face. Plus, you can customise your backgrounds. Maybe a day out in New York?


Surkus is a really cool app where members get free food, products or money for posting about your delivery order via social media or sharing feedback about your experience with the brand. As they say, “Surkus partners with the most exclusive brands and events to offer you free access in exchange for your feedback and social engagement.” Sounds good to us!

Netflix Party

Completed Netflix while waiting at home for the world to get back to normal? Then download Netflix Party and live-stream your favourite movies and shows with your favourite group of pals. If you’ve got a group of funny mates, it’ll be like hit UK show Gogglebox. And if not, you can always mute them. And while we’re here, this is a very good list of very under-rated Netflix films you probably haven’t watched. Which includes this magical film…


An essential when we had everyday life (remember that?), Deliveroo is now up there as one of our five a day. Sushi to start followed by a Lebanese feast and a dozen doughnuts for dessert? No problem. Plus, they now have contact-free delivery. Other food apps include Talabat and Zomato.

And there’s a special shout-out for newcomer DeliverDXB. They’re a non-profit app that pulls together the restaurants and cafes in Dubai offering food for takeaway and delivery.


With time no object for many now who are working from home, it’s time to focus on the big things. Like writing your first book, learning a new language or completing Netflix. So let Washmen worry about the small stuff. They’ll wash and clean your laundry, use 11 different eco-friendly chemicals to get your clothes super clean and hygenic. And if you’re a new member, you get three discounted washes to welcome you to the family.


Just because you’re working from home, doesn’t mean you have to eat like a student, using fingers as dips for your hummus. Stay healthy by getting your daily/weekly Ripe delivery of home-grown organic fruit and vegetables. They also do an ace range of bread, sweet treats, juices, milk and more. And let’s be honest, that picture below looks pretty perfect right now.


Whether it’s long-life milk, a new home cinema set up or an exercise bike, Amazon has virtually everything on its digital shelves. Plus, sign up to Amazon Prime, and you’ll not only get free delivery on a lot of items, but also access to their ever-growing movie and TV empire. We’ve just nailed The Boys. And it’s very, very good.


With schools now working remotely until at least June, a lot of people are juggling work commitments and small people in the house. 24/7. And that’s a tough job. Which is why Kidzapp are here to help with a range of brilliant ideas to keep kids entertained and keep parents sane.


Noon is another sprawling online shop that sells everything and anything. And with a lot of real-life stores closed, online shopping has become essential. From cleaning products to groceries, cosmetics, electronics and more, Noon has you covered. Oh, and we call first dibs on that paddling pool for AED30, it’ll be the perfect quarantine balcony accessory!

Enjoy this round-up of the best apps in Dubai to get through the Coronavirus. And do let us know if we’ve missed any by getting in touch on our Facebook page here.