The 9 rules of Karaoke with Lucky Voice Dubai

With pods for 6-12 people – plus supergroup pods that can hold 15 or 25 people – Lucky Voice is the place for karaoke in Dubai. But not everyone knows how to karaoke right, which is why we’ve put this essential list of dos and don’ts together.

Know your range

You might not know your range before you step up to the mic. But you’ll definitely be acutely aware of your vocal range once you’ve destroyed your Whitney Houston karaoke track. Ambition is great, but have a little modesty.

Beware of ballads

Slow and sloppy, power ballads sound great when you’re singing into your beer bottle at home. Not so powerful when you’re in a room of your besties and you’ve just fun-sponged the mood. And if you are going to go full power-ballad, make sure it’s a duet so you have someone else to do the heavy lifting. 

Don’t rap

Is your name Slim Shady? Or John Barnes? Or Tupac? Then nope. All the nope, in fact. On a side note, this footage of John Barnes being the ultimate Dubailad is literally the best thing you’ll watch all day.

Never try ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

This should be obvious. Who else but Freddie could conceive of Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and then have the cojones to actually record it? Not you. And certainly not you after brunch and after-party.

Take turns

Sharing is caring, as our mothers used to say, and that’s never more true with karaoke. Don’t hog the mic and sign up for three tracks back-to-back. And if you have signed up to one of Lucky Voice’s larger karaoke pods and feel you’re missing out, then jump on with a duet. 

What happens at karaoke, stays at karaoke

There is zero shame in karaoke. Whether you’re a passive watcher or you embrace your inner Tina Turner, karaoke is to be enjoyed in the moment. So don’t be that person who thinks it’s hilarious to upload your mate’s frankly shocking attempt at Backstreet Boys. 

If in doubt, do your shower song

Don’t roll your eyes and pretend you don’t have a shower song. You do. And because you do, you know all the words to it and you’ll nail it at karaoke. 

Don’t force anyone to sing

Conversely, don’t force anyone to sing. If they’re happy just watching, singing under their breath and occasionally laughing, then leave them in their comfort zone. 

If you’re going to be rubbish at least be loud 

Your singing might make dogs bark in the streets and threaten to shatter cut glass, but don’t let that hold you back. You do you, hun. Which in this case means being loud and proud about your karaoke. After all, you’re with your besties in a sound-proofed room. 

Lucky Voice Karaoke
Private karaoke pods for 6 to 12 peopleBellaire & Stoli pods for groups of 18 to 25 people
Lucky Voice Location: Grand Millennium hotel 6th floor Barsha Heights, Dubai, UAEPrices from AED50 per person for one hour.

Lucky Voice Dubai Karaoke Pod

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