The all-new Emirates ID card is here and it's amazing
The all-new Emirates ID card is here and it's amazing

The all-new Emirates ID card is here and it’s amazing

The UAE has launched the new Emirates ID card and has embraced some incredible new tech to make it.

The Emirates ID 2.0 card has just been released. So if you’ve been experiencing some delays in your new card arriving, now you know why!

It’s fair to say the card has some seriously cool tech behind it.

The card has been designed to combat identity theft and is the ID card for every UAE resident and citizen.

The new Emirates ID Card has five new features…

Enhanced protection of non-visible data: A new E-link system makes the data super safe.

Advanced technical and technological characteristics: The new hi tech card includes a larger chip with more capacity and touch-free reading features.

A high-quality card with a longer service life: The polycarbonate card will be in use for over 10 years, which is better for the environment.

A consolidated three-dimensional photo: 3D photo! Cool. The laser printed picture also has your date of birth on there.

Additional fields and codes definition: This card includes more data including professional data, issuing authority, and population group.

Is the amazing new Emirates video real or fake?

Emirates dropped an incredible new advert at the weekend which all had us awestruck – but was the video actually real or a digital fake?

Well, incredibly – and amazingly – it was real.

Very, very real. And very, very frightening.

The star of the video is Nicole Smith-Ludvik, a ‘World traveller, skydiver, yoga instructor, hiker, adventurer.’ And Emirates employee.

And it’s her you can see in this incredible video below!