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The Amazing Troll-Man Replies To Internet Complaints & It’s Hilarious!

Wesley Metcalfe has made a name for himself as The Amazing Troll-Man: your friendly neighbourhood troll. Friendly is the key word here, because UK-based Wesley focuses his trolling on making the internet laugh out loud with some of the funniest banter on the web. His strategy? It’s clever, but at the same time simple….he set up a Facebook account using the name ‘Customer Support’ and he uses it to respond to complaints. The results are beyond funny!

Complainers set themselves up for a brutal roasting

And The Amazing Troll-Man obliges….

We had some questions for The Amazing Troll-Man

We read that you were the man behind William the Worm, which was basically some banter between you and Tesco (a UK supermarket) about a dead worm that you found in a cucumber you’d bought from them (we remember it well). That exchange went viral back in 2016 and then you reappeared in 2018 with your ‘Customer Support’ page and the hilarious responses that you’re now known for. But what was it that gave you the idea to start the ‘Customer Support’ page?

I started the spoof customer support page after suffering with mental health. One of my passions in life has always been to make people laugh and social media has always been a good stage for me to do this. I have written a few posts online which have gone viral in the past. I even managed to help two teachers get into the uk music charts under my label using my social media knowledge. I wanted to feel good again and I knew making others laugh would do that. From my experience with the William the worm post, I knew customer and company banter was a hit with the public. If I could somehow become the company to make sure that banter exists, I knew I could create some funny content. Hey-presto… the spoof customer support profile was made and The Amazing Troll-Man was born.

There are so many funny responses from you on your Customer Support account, it’s hard to pick a favourite. Maybe the ‘twain’ one because it’s just so immature but had us in stitches, or Linda who ‘gambled on a fart’ (love the complainer’s response to that too,”ok thanks”). The song renditions are also brilliant….what’s your personal favourite?

My personal favourites are when the customer laughs with me. I never set out to upset anyone. It’s all about creating laughs and getting people not to take life so seriously. I do enjoy the song re-writes though. I particularly enjoyed the Eminem Stan and Fresh Prince re-writes. Both customers were smiling at the end too.

Some companies have blocked you for responding to their customers, others seemed to have joined in on the banter (Sky) but have you had any major backlash so far?

I’ve had no major backlash so far. I can’t help but think the big companies quite like it. Tesco and M&S have had a lot free publicity and I think many of their online team are big fans of what I do as I say the things they long to.

How do you decide on which complainers to target? Do you tend to go after people who are moaning about petty issues or is it just a case of whoever can be trolled in the funniest way?

I’m constantly searching for different people to troll. It’s not so much the company I look at, it’s the complaint. I never pick on anyone who is in serious distress. For example, many people asked me to troll Thomas Cook customers after the company went bust. That wouldn’t have been my style. People lost jobs and families lost their holidays and possibly money. To go after them would have been plain bullying. It’s the people who are loosing their cool over a lukewarm sausage roll who I go after… they’re the ones who need to look on the fun side of life, hopefully I can show them the way while getting a few laughs.

Where does the inspiration come from for some of your witty remarks? We know you’ve dished out your own take on a few Eminem songs amongst others but how about your cutting one liners?

I grew up in a small pit village called Killamarsh (in the UK) where banter is life. Being the youngest of three brothers I sharpened my skills daily. Finally all these years later I can put my skills to use

You’re getting a lot of exposure now with so many people getting a laugh from your antics. What’s next for The Amazing Troll-Man?

I’m currently working on a book… I can’t say too much about it yet until it’s all been finalised but watch this space. I’ve also had some interest from marketing companies wanting to use my skills. Again nothing finalised just yet.

Will we be seeing The Amazing Troll-Man in Dubai any time soon? The weather is perfect at this time of year 🙂

If that’s an invite then yes 🙂 Dubai is most definitely on my list of places I’d love to visit.

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Please remember that the UAE enforces strict laws concerning the use of social media including making defamatory or hateful comments.