The countdown to Expo 2020 Dubai begins again
The countdown to Expo 2020 Dubai begins again

The countdown to Expo 2020 Dubai begins again

Expo 2020 Dubai has begun it’s one-year countdown for the second time.

And while it might be taking place in 2021, the name remains the same – Expo 2020 Dubai.

The huge event will run from October 1 to March 31 and showcase some amazing technology, art and design from 192 countries from across the world.

The main themes for next year’s events are  energy, smart cities, global challenges, sustainability, agriculture and now health. And it will be the first Expo in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

To date, more than 210 million work hours have been spent on the site. And the team are looking to bounce back after having to postpone the event by a year.

“Expo 2020 is fully prepared to host a global celebration of humanity’s resilience, creativity, culture and innovation – a tribute to the resilience of humanity, its ability to innovate, and pursuit of optimism in the face of adversity.”

Free parking

In other news, you can now get free car parking in Dubai! Well, as long as you’re driving an electric car.

The news was announced by The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) who confirmed that electric cars will get free parking for two years.

The only catch – apart from having an electric car, of course – is that the electric car must be registered in Dubai. Electric cars from other emirates will still have to pay for parking.


There are currently 1,803 electric cars registered in Dubai.

The move is all part of Dubai’s Green Mobility Strategy.

Maitha bin Adai, the CEO of Traffic and Roads Agency at RTA, said: “This initiative complements a previous initiative launched in 2018 designating parking slots in various parts of Dubai to electric vehicles exclusively. It contributes to improving the air quality, curbing carbon emissions and enhancing sustainability besides encouraging the public to own these types of vehicles.”