Elrow Rowmudas Festival Party

The Elrow Festival Will be at Soho Beach this November!

Party people are in for a treat this November with the return of the Elrow festival at Soho Beach. Coming for one day only on Friday 1st November, house music fans can’t afford to miss this mega event.

It’s going to be a wild Halloween weekend!

With some awesome DJs set to make an appearance, including Kölsch, De La Swing, Eddy M and Mar + Mer, it’s going to be a seriously good atmosphere down at Soho Beach.

Known internationally for it’s outrageously colourful and vibrant festival themes, we’re excited to see what Elrow is going to deliver this year. The theme is going to be El Triangulo De Las Rowmudas, that’s basically Elrow’s take on a psychedelic pirate ship / Bermuda Triangle situation. Party goers will be launched into a crazy world that Elrow has described as an, ‘Insane mix of The Island, Lost and also Alive; a wild fiesta full of shipwrecks, crashed planes, insane sea creatures and hippy communes under the sea’.

So yeah, it’s going to be quite mental. Here’s how the theme went down in Ibiza a few years ago. We’re preparing ourselves for something similar at Soho Beach:

Clubber’s paradise at Soho Beach

Earlier this year at Soho Beach, Elrow brought us an enchanted forest themed affair that was just a fantastical as it sounds.

We’re fully confident that the 15,000 capacity venue is going to bring us another stand out event this November. Serious clubbers, house music fans and pretty much anyone who loves a mad night out will not be disappointed.

And if you can’t wait until November for a trip to Soho Beach, don’t forget that Carl Cox will be headlining at the venue next month.

Tickets for the Elrow party will be available soon at www.sohobeachdxb.com so keep an eye out!