TAF35 firefighting robot Abu Dhabi
TAF35 firefighting robot Abu Dhabi

The future is here, and it’s a jet-powered firefighting robot in Abu Dhabi!

A jet-powered firefighting robot is being tested in Abu Dhabi. The futuristic robot is ideal for situations that are too hot and dangerous for human fire crews.

The amazing bit of technology includes a turbine on a caterpillar track that blast water, mist or foam. And the operating crew can stay safely out of harm’s way as it can operate remotely from 300m.

The robot was created by Italian engineering firm EmiControls and German firefighting firm Magirus. Police and firefighting crews put the TAF35 firefighting robot through its paces recently in Abu Dhabi and were impressed.

And it’s designed to tackle blazes in road and metro tunnels, chemical factories and oil refineries and in electrical substations.

The forecast is misty

And as well as putting plenty of thought into the robot, the developers have also changed the way water fights the fire.

“By atomising the water into water mist, the individual drops form a larger water surface. They, therefore, can cool more effectively while extracting heat from the fire,” EmiControls said on its website.

“The fine drops also move through the room in an almost gaseous form can reach places which would not be accessible to an extinguishing jet.”

An earlier model of the robot was bought by fire crews in Sydney who used it to tackle bush fires in the region.