Dubai Expo2020 lake
Dubai Expo2020 lake

The mystery of who built the stunning Dubai Expo 2020 lake!

Dubai Expo 2020 has already created some amazing structures and spaces, but there’s total mystery over who’s built the amazing Expo 2020 lake.

The stunning lake located close to Al Maktoum Airport site first came to light via the 100.pixels Instagram account.

It was then shared by the Expo 2020 account with followers asking questions about where it was, what it was for and who built it.

But the Expo 2020 media team say it’s not been created by them and that they don’t know who built the lake. Which is pretty mysterious!

The gorgeous lake is open to the public and has easy access. Track it down on Google Maps here.

Anyone claiming they made the Dubai Expo 2020 lake in a few afternoons with a bucket and spade?

Get in touch if you know who made this amazing lake! And, yes, we can confirm that’s it’s real and definitely not fake news.

Dubai Expo 2020 starts on October 20 with tickets on sale now.