Pet masks
The purrfect gift or a catastrophe? You can now get hyper-realistic pet masks made.

The purrfect pet mask present for Dubai animal lovers!

We love our pets in Dubai. From pampered Jumeirah pooches snuggled in handbags at the city’s malls to actual cat-walk models wearing the latest fashions, they’re showered in love and affection. And rightfully so. But these pet masks might be taking our love affair with our cats and dogs a little too far…

Twinning fur-ever

Thanks to Shindo Rinka and 91, two pioneering Japanese companies that specialise in face masks, you can take that love and adoration a step further by picking up a freakishly-realistic pet mask so you’re #twinning fur-ever. 

The purrfect present or a catastrophe? You too can now look like your pet with these cat masks…

These aren’t just plastic and string face masks though. Oh no. These are absolutely purrfect bespoke masks that truly take in every whisker, wet nose and ears. The masks stretch over your whole head with fake fur blended to the same colour and style as your pet. Then again, at just over AED10,000 per order, you’d hope they’re the spitting image of your pet. 

Fancy a bit of monkey business?

Furry doppelganger

If you are interested, all you need to do is submit a photo of your animal and the Japanese companies will start work on your pet doppelganger. And don’t worry if your pet isn’t the ordinary cat or dog – they’ll literally work with any photo and animal including gorilla, monkey or even rhino. 

We’re not sure what the next step in this pet evolution is? Maybe it’s to get your pet a human mask (shudder)? Either way, if you truly love your pet, say it with a mask this year. Just remember to take it off when you head for a night out otherwise you might get a few more cat calls than normal.

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