'The Queen's' 24k Gold Nintendo now on sale
'The Queen's' 24k Gold Nintendo now on sale

‘The Queen’s’ 24k Gold Nintendo now on sale

A 24 Karat gold Nintendo Wii made especially for Queen Elizabeth II is now up for sale after being privately owned and expected to reach $300,000.

The gold console was made by American games maker THQ back in 2009 and personally delivered to Buckingham Palace. It was created to help market the release of the BIG Family Games title. And who better to give it to than the head of one of the biggest families on the planet, right?

And now, 12 years later, the gold Nintendo console is now on the market and being sold for eBay. For a very cool $300,000.

It would be brilliant to know if the Queen ever played it? And if so, what sort of games she played? Mario Kart, obvs. But maybe a bit of Zelda?

The Wii found its way to a console collector Donny Fillerup (not his real name, we’re guessing.) He’s now looking to buy a house, so naturally decided to cash in on his famous Wii.

We kinda wish we had a gold-plated Wii just lying around we could sell in exchange for a house!

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