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The Real Truth About Labour Camps In Dubai

A lot of negative connotations are associated with labour camps in Dubai, be it human rights, treatment of workers or access to their passport. 

One of our favourite influencers, Emirati personality, Khalid Al Ameri moved to a labour camp and work for a day, to reveal the reality. 

Khalid Al Ameri exposes the real truth about labour camps in Dubai

Most people might picture labour camps as shabby dormitories with unhygienic sanitary standards. Khalid Al Ameri proves this isn’t actually the case in Dubai. 

He shares that the workers live in clean rooms with air conditioning, a TV and ample cupboard space. They’re served three meals a day. 

Workers not allowed to work under harsh sunlight

During peak sunlight hours, they work from 6 am-12:30 pm. They have a three-hour break when they have lunch or take a nap. 

Rooms for recreational activities and hosting families

Labour camps have a ‘residence guest room’, where workers can bring their family or friends to stay. The room plays host to recreational activities like table tennis, billiards, a gym, a library, a cinema hall and volleyball.

Khalid Al Ameri Dubai Labour Camps

Workers have control of their passport

A big issue Al Ameri talks about is employees’ access to their passport. Similar in style to a letterbox, Al Ameri shows a room where every worker has a locker, for storing their passport securely and that it is always in their control.

Khalid Al Ameri Dubai Labour Camps

Free shave and a haircut every month too

In addition to being served food thrice a day, getting a three-hour afternoon break and access to recreational activities, workers in Dubai also get a free haircut and a shave every month!