Skyway Sharjah
Skyway Sharjah

The sky’s the limit as Sharjah test new driverless sky pods!

Sharjah has started testing a 2.5-km-long suspended track holding passenger sky pods that could one day be used to revolutionise transport in the region.

The driverless track will hold passenger and cargo pods and should be completed within six months. The action is all currently taking place at the Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park (SRTI Park), according to the developer SkyWay.

Once the hanging rail is tested and approved, it could then be brought to a global market. And we’re sure everyone who’s been stuck in the Dubai-Sharjah traffic nightmare would sign up straight away!

Hussain Al Mahmoudi, CEO of SRTI Park, said the SkyWay Project is part of the “comprehensive plan aimed at transforming the city of Sharjah into a sustainable futuristic city.”

Pods can go up to 150km/h!

Not only will the sky pods not have to navigate Sharjah traffic, accidents or lane-hoggers, but most importantly, they’re incredibly quick.

The passenger pods can carry 2-14 passengers at speeds up to 150km an hour! Impressively, the Unibus pods that can carry up to 80 passengers can also do the same speed! Goodbye commute, and hello an extra hour in bed.

Larger cargo pods that can carry up to 25 tons meanwhile can zip along at nearly 40km an hour.

Then again, maybe this driverless car will get zipping around the UAE fastest? Either way, we’re excited to see what the future brings!