The terrifying moment a Mumbai car disappears into a sinkhole
The terrifying moment a Mumbai car disappears into a sinkhole

The terrifying moment a car disappears into a Mumbai sinkhole

A car driver in Mumbai got the shock of their lives when they returned to find their vehicle had been swallowed into a sinkhole in Mumbai.

One minute it was there. The next it was literally being swallowed underground. Yikes!

The car took just 26 seconds to be swallowed by a huge puddle that emerged in Mumbai’s Ghatkopar neighborhood.

Check out the video below to see it happen.

We’re not sure what our first reaction would be. Probably ‘I’m sure I parked the car here…’ And then hopefully we wouldn’t follow the car into the sinkhole!

The video has unsurprisingly gone viral, And thankfully, the Mumbai Police confirmed that no one was hurt in the sinkhole accident.

This flight from Pakistan to Dubai wasn’t filled with passengers but mangoes

With passenger flights from Pakistan to Dubai banned at the moment, the seats have instead been taken by mangoes. Boxes and boxes and boxes of mangoes.

As mango fans will know, we’re coming up to peak season when they’re juicy and rich and just bursting with flavour.

But while passenger flights to and from Pakistan have been banned since May 12, that doesn’t extend to mangoes. This amazing fruity sight was first spotted on Twitter.

So while passengers can’t make the trip at the moment, that hasn’t stopped mangoes from arriving in Dubai. Boxes and boxes of mangoes, as far as the eye can see!