The UAE's extreme summer heat could end soon
The UAE's extreme summer heat could end soon

The UAE’s extreme summer heat could end soon

Good news, people of the UAE, as we have it on good authority that the scorching summer heat in Dubai could end soon.

A leading UAE astronomer has predicted that the UAE summer is set to end early starting on August 24.

Ibrahim Al-Jarwan is a member of the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences. And he says the rising of the ‘Suhail star marks the beginning of the end of summer, which will appear by August 24.’

It’s not all good news, though.

The change in season and reduced temperatures also means a rise in humidity and winds blowing from the southeast.

The Suhail star is 27 million years old and the second brightest in the sky. It’s also 310 light-years away from Earth. Which is a number that really hurts your head when you think about it.

The UAE has endured some extreme temperatures this summer, with temperatures often hitting above 50 degrees.

And as we pointed out last week, those temperatures were recorded in the shade. Yikes!

So to sum up: the heat will be going away and will be replaced by the humidity instead.

Living in the Middle East in the summer really is no joke!