At home shawarma Dubai
At home shawarma Dubai

There is a shawarma making machine you can use whilst self-isolating

It’s a trying time right now in Dubai, which is why we need all the comfort we can get – and things don’t get much more comforting than your own shawarma machine at home.

That’s right, folks: you too can get your delicious shawarma fix at home in Dubai during the Coronavirus pandemic thanks to the wonders of home delivery.

The easy-to-clean rotisserie oven (that’s a posh phrase for shawarma stand) includes seven skewers and a grease drip tray (yum). And with 1500 Watts of power, it’ll get you from 0 to sofa shawarma in no time at all.

The NutriChef Vertical Oven is definitely on our to-get list. Its ‘thorough & safe cooking retains food flavour, creating crispy outsides and juicy and tender insides.’ We’re actually wiping away drool while typing this.

Pair it with a Ripe box delivery of organic salad (we’ve got to at least pretend to be a bit healthy) and delivery of meat, flatbreads, and toum/white sauce from your local supermarket and you’re away.

Or follow these steps and make your own sauce…

Even better, order it now and it might come in time for Disney + launching in Dubai next week. Shawarma and Marvel movie night. If Dubailad did nights in…


The NutriChef Vertical Countertop Rotisserie Rotating Oven is yours for just AED684 from Desert Cart.