There will be a super-rare 'Blue Moon' in Dubai this weekend
There will be a super-rare 'Blue Moon' in Dubai this weekend

There will be a super-rare ‘Blue Moon’ in Dubai this weekend

Dubai will get to see not one but two full moons this October as an extremely rare ‘Blue Moon’ will rise on October 31 in time for Halloween.

Want to know how rare this is? The next time there will be two full moons in the same month will be in 2039. So make sure to catch it this time around!

And yes, this is where the phrase ‘once in a blue moon’ comes from as they’re very very rare in Dubai.

You’ll be able to see the blue moon with the naked eye. But grab a pair of binoculars – or even better, a telescope – and grab a proper eyeful.

As NASA explain, sadly a ‘Blue Moon has nothing to do with the Moon having a blue hue. However, very rarely there are actual blue-tinted Moons due to particles thrown into the atmosphere by natural catastrophes.’

But this will be the first ‘blue moon’ to appear over Halloween since 1944. And the spookiness of Halloween and a full moon really shouldn’t be underestimated. Especially not in 2o20!

Lucky’s House of Horrors

If you’re looking for somewhere to celebrate the blue moon, make sure to check out Lucky’s House Of Horrors Weekend at Lucky Voice.

The karaoke and live music joint is pulling out all the stops for their three nights of bone-chilling entertainment. Their venue will be given a freakish Halloween makeover. And they’ve even customised their own spooky cocktail for the weekend.

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