These are the five best April Fool's pranks in Dubai this year
These are the five best April Fool's pranks in Dubai this year

These are the best April Fool’s pranks in Dubai this year

Dubai full embraced the April Fool’s tradition this year, with some excellent pranks pulled by Emirates, KHDA, GymNation, McGettigans and Missippi’s.

GymNation embrace the digital revolution

GymNation went for the digital April Fool’s and pulled it off very, very nicely with the launch of their GymNation FitCoin.

Their FitCoin revolution will give you money back for every 100 calories and you burn and every gym selfie you take. Which is hilariously on the money.

The real clue it was an April Fool’s, however, was when they mentioned getting AED25 of FitCoin every time users put their weights away.

Top marks for GymNation, but we still don’t think gym users will ever put their weights away! ⠀⠀

Emirates launch in-flight weddings

This April Fool’s pulled in a lot of people in Dubai – and it’s not hard to see why. This is actually a pretty good idea – endless drinks trolleys, loads of entertainment, a tight guestlist; we can see this happening!

KHDA launch at-home inspections

This one would have got home-schoolers pretty nervous very quickly! Just imagine the horror after a year of juggling work, life and home-schooling to then get inspected, eek!

Thankfully, this was just a hoax – and with a kind ending ensuring everyone has the right levels of sleep, hugs and chocolate.

Missippi’s launch Icelandic venue

The Ibn Battuta pool and lounge has made big waves in the UAE’s party scene since launching. And now Missippi’s are taking their iconic brand to, erm, Iceland!

“Wrap up warm and book your flights as we plan to open a pool club in subzero Iceland.”

Tbf, we’d probably fancy that in the height of a Dubai mid-summer!

McGettigans launch candle range

Get the smell of McGettigans at home with their new candle range. Presumably it smells of fry ups, Guinness and suntan lotion, with a mild tinge of hungover regret in there. Delicious!

“We’re launching our new McGettigan’s candle range!McGettigan’s isn’t your usual bar! We’re always looking to keep our customers buzzing. Missing that Guinness and the bar’s closed? Sniff your pint instead. Too hungover to get out of bed, but desperately need a full Irish breakfast? Inhale one at home! Need a romantic night in with your partner? Snuffle the night away together! Can’t wait until Christmas? We have the right snifter for you! Order yours now!”