These are the five most popular Dubai deliveries on Zomato
These are the five most popular Dubai deliveries on Zomato

These are the five most popular Dubai deliveries on Zomato

If 2020 has taught us anything it’s that masks should be worn on the mouth AND nose and that having the Zomato Dubai app is essential to your happiness. 

After all, where would we have been this year without our comfort food, midnight snacks and necessities? Like a box of doughnuts to keep you company. 

And Zomato have let us in on which foods have been the most popular on the must-have app this year. 

The top six foods they’ve been delivering across the UAE this year are (in no particular order) pizza, biryani, shawarma, Indian, Arabic and healthy food. 

The DubaiLAD team can take credit for most of the shawarma orders tbh, that’s an open secret in the city. Fair play to all the health food fanatics out there as well! 

What have you been ordering this year? We’re going in on this burger below for the UAE National Day celebrations, yum! 

Zomato values

As well as being one of the first food delivery apps in the world when they launched back in 2008, Zomato likes to pride themselves on their values. 

Like their speedy delivery promising to be on-time, hot and fresh and at any time. And after a few midnight sessions on our PS5 this year, we can attest to that! 

They also have a quite dizzying range of restaurants and outlets just a finger click away. 

At the most recent count, they have 12,800 places to order food from. Which if you did one delivery every day from a different place, would take you 35 years to work through. 

The other big plus point is their affordability. Thanks to Zomato, you can eat well and pocket enough change for your gym membership to burn off the calories from your doughnut binge. It’s the beautiful circle of life in action! 

Satisfy your cravings with a Zomato order now.