This company in Dubai wants to take you into space on a balloon for $150,000
This company in Dubai wants to take you into space on a balloon for $150,000

This company in Dubai wants to take you into space on a balloon for $150,000

Dubai could become a space tourism destination, with one company aiming to offer flights into outer space by the end of 2023.

Spanish company EOS-X Space wants to set up an €80-100 million base in Dubai. They would then use huge hydrogen or helium balloon to travel up to the edge of the earth’s atmosphere.

The two-hour climb will take you to 40km above the earth’s surface where you’ll then get 90 minutes cruising before the descent.

Each cabin can carry five passengers and one crew member. And there’s even an onboard toilet (we really, really hope they don’t just mean a hole in the floor!). In total, they’re aiming to take up 10,000 passengers before 2030 with each trip costing $150,000.

Kemel Kharbachi, the CEO of EOS-X Space, told Arabian Business, “this is the democratisation of space travel. In the next decade it will be more affordable and we will be there for that.”

“This space hub will be a space experience centre. In this space hub we will have the training facilities and simulators that will be used by the passengers, but also it will be open to people who will not be taking the flights.”

A big leap for mankind

One of the big advantages to this system is you won’t need a spacesuit. And you’ll get your own viewing window where you can check out the curvature of the earth and gaze up into space.

If the capsule looks familiar, that’s because it’s very similar to the one Austrian base jumper Felix Baumgartner used when he fell to earth in 2012.

“When he was standing out of the capsule ready to jump, he was at 39km of altitude. The view that you see in the video is the view that the passengers and the crew of the EOX will enjoy, which is superb,” said Kharbachi.

“This altitude allows the passengers to have the views of the earth’s curvature, the blackness of space, the blue halo of space as well. While being above 99.9 percent of the atmosphere,” he added.

Kharbachi said: “These tickets, it is not like a passenger ticket in a flight, where you have to be at the airport two hours before, then you do the check-in, you get in the plane and you fly. Here what we’re offering is a full-week experience. We want our passengers to arrive at least five days before the flight so that not only they will get the training, but they will get an immersive experience of outer space and space travel.”

Time for the DubaiLAD team to start saving our dirhams for our trip into space!

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