Photograph credit: Boom Overture

Three Hour Dubai-London Flight Now A Possibility With Overture In Development

It may sound hard to believe, but approved funds for the development of Boom Supersonic’s XB-1 Airliner, Overture means a Dubai-London flight will just take three hours!

Overture enters development phase

Boom Supersonic, an American startup company is taking air travel to the next level, by building a subscale prototype called ‘Overture’ that promises to make the world to become “dramatically accessible.” The startup says they’ve raised funds to over $141 million (AED 517.8 m) and will now begin the XB-1 Airliner’s production.

boom overture

Photograph credit: Boom Overture

Dubai-London in three hours

Typically, a flight from Dubai to London takes up to seven hours, crossing approximately 5500 kilometres at 885 km/h. Whereas, the XB-1 Airliner, boasts a rapid speed of 2,334 km/h, which would mean that a flight from Dubai to London could reduce in duration to just three hours. What’s more, the airplane can fly from San Francisco to Tokyo in five hours and from Sydney to Los Angeles in seven hours.

XB-1 fares “similar to today’s business class”

Holidaymakers won’t have to shell out a lot of money to travel on Overture. Blake Scholl, founder and CEO of Boom Supersonic, claims its fares will be priced around the same amount as business class. He said, “Today, the time and cost of long-distance travel prevent us from connecting with far-off people and places. Overture fares will be similar to today’s business class—widening horizons for tens of millions of travellers. Ultimately, our goal is to make high-speed flight affordable to all.”

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