Photograph credit: YouTube

Three Influencers In UAE Got Jailed For Performing The Viral Keke Challenge

Warnings have been issued about fines and black points to those performing the viral keke dance challenge outside a vehicle.

Serious trouble for influencers lately

Performing or responding to almost anything going viral has become a mandatory component for social media influencers nowadays and for the sake of increasing viewership and followers, the keke challenge seems to be the ideal breakthrough. However, the keke challenge has witnessed many people having car accidents and by judging videos showing fail attempts to do the challenge, some people have hurt themselves real bad!

With the increasing popularity of the video, Abu Dhabi’s Judicial Department initially announced fines and black points and have already arrested three social media influencers who still went on to do the challenge.

Beware about the fines and black points

First off, it’s okay to do the challenge at home or outdoors, ideally in an open area so no one gets disturbed, but for those who want to do the challenge as it should be, there’s a Dhs 2,000 fine and 23 black points on the driver’s license. The fine and black points were announced last week by the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department.

Here’s why the keke challenge is dangerous

For those who have no clue what the keke challenge is about, here’s how it goes, it’s a dance challenge inspired by Drake’s freshest track ‘In My Feelings’ from his new album, ‘Scorpion’. The challenge is no longer than ten seconds and requires one to step out of the car and dance to the track while the car is still moving.

What makes it dangerous is that the driver has to both drive slowly and shoot the video, while the one taking the challenge has to be quick to dance and move as per the speed of the car. The challenge has gone so insanely viral that even stars like Dua Lipa and Will Smith have performed.