Saudi Arabia Three Stabbed Theatre Riyadh Saudi Arabia Yemeni
Photograph credit: Samuel Fyfe and Jimmy Chang on Unsplash (For illustrative purposes only)

Three Performers Stabbed During Theatre Play In Riyadh, Saudi

A trio of foreign theatre performers were stabbed in the midst of a live show in the Malaz district of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Monday.

Attacker ran on stage to stab performers

Footage from a viral video shows the suspect, identified as a 33-year-old Yemeni, running on stage at The King Abdullah park during a live theatre play with his knife.

It’s unclear what the motive was behind the attack.

“Riyadh police have arrested an Arab resident in possession of a knife after he stabbed two men and a woman, who were members of a theatre group.”

Al-Ekhbariya state television

Three victims not seriously injured

It’s reported the stabber attacked two women and one man, sustaining “superficial wounds.” They were offered medical care and are reportedly in a stable condition as of now.

Meanwhile, the 33 year old Yemeni expatriate who launched the attack has been arrested and the knife used seized after it was found still in his possession.

Saudi Arabia Pixabay Three Stabbed Theatre Riyadh Saudi Arabia Yemeni
Photograph for illustrative purposes only. Credit: Flickr

Zero tolerance for public attacks in Saudi Arabia

Saudi analyst Ali Shihabi says the country enforced a zero-tolerance policy for public attacks against “change and reform” in the wake of opening its entertainment sector with concerts, music festivals, MMA and WWE events.

“The risk of this sort of attack against the recent introduction of public entertainment, which many clerics have been inciting against, is a key reason (the government) has pursued a zero-tolerance policy towards their public attacks against change and reform.”

Ali Shihabi

Photograph credit: Pixabay

The performance was in line with the ongoing Riyadh Season. Find out more about the festival here.