Dubai Jazz Fest
Dubai Jazz Fest

Three reasons not to miss this year’s Dubai Jazz Fest

There are dozens of brilliant reasons why you should be front and centre for this year’s Dubai Jazz Fest. But we’ve narrowed it down to the three strongest reasons why you need to be there from February 26-28 at the Dubai Media City Amphitheatre.

Reason 1: Lionel Richie

Seriously, the man is an utter, utter legend. We devoted a full feature to his best songs here and we could have done another ten.

He has songs for days, but also the charm and charisma that comes with being a proper legend. The man has been there, done that and sold a million t-shirts. And any man who can control nearly 70,000 people in a muddy field as he does in the Glastonbury clip below will find it easy doing the same in Dubai.

Reason 2: Miss Lauryn Hill

The one and only, Miss Lauryn Hill. Whether it’s hip hop, Doo Wop, soul, RnB or even some jazz (this is the Jazz Fest, after all), she conquers all before her.

From the Fugees to her own solo career, she has tunes and anthems for days. And, like Lionel, she has the personality to capture an audience.

With a voice sent from the heavens and some of the best soul tunes known to hip-wiggling woman and man, she will have the Dubai Jazz Fest swaying in delight when she opens the first night. And who won’t be singing along when this gets dropped?

Reason 3: The support acts

Lionel and Lauryn are reason enough to camp out at the Dubai Media City Amphitheatre for three days straight. But factor in the support acts, and you have a bargain on your hands.

While the Jazz Fest has grown to cover a wide range of genres including rock, soul, funk and urban, they tend to give the support acts more of a jazzy license.

And in Spyro Gyra and Sammy Miller and the Congregation, they have some of the best in the business playing.

Spyro Gyra

Aside from an ace name, Spyro Gyra is an American jazz fusion band that have been working the jazz stages since 1974. Blending jazz, funk, RnB and all that good stuff together, they create a super soulful sound best described as pure sunshine.

Sammy Miller and the Congregation

Where Spyro Gyra have decades of experience to call on, Sammy Miller and the Congregation have the benefit of youth. And with that youth comes a more experimental sound. They perhaps sum up their sound best themselves…

Sammy Miller and The Congregation are on a mission, crisscrossing the country like a vaudevillian revival show with evangelic fervour for music. The seven-piece band is pulling people out of their solitary lives and putting them in the moment with a bracing dose of joyful jazz performed with infectious theatricality.

So, basically, miss them and miss out.

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